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Watermelon Sweet Dosa(Surnoli)

This sweet dosas are a common dish in most Konkani homes. it made during the watermelon season mostly, but Cucumber or Magge/Dosekai can also be used instead.

Especially the kids love this dosa because it is sweet and something different from the ordinary. It usually made for breakfast and also for Tiffin in the evening. It can be sweet with Jiggery/Molasses and also plain/sour (without Jiggery). Though the dough needs to be fermented like the normal dosa or Idli. Do not use Black gram dal for this dish. Use of puffed paddy to make the dosas fluffy, some people use beaten rice (poha) as well.


Watermelon – 1 cup

Sona masoori rice (raw) – 2 cups

Fresh grated coconut – 1 cup

Puffed paddy (plain) – 4 cups

Jiggery/Molasses – As per taste

Haldi/Turmeric powder – a pinch

Cashew nut pieces – a handful ( optional )

Salt – to taste


Soak raw rice, fenugreek seeds in about 2 cups of water for about 3-4 hours. Grate coconut, crush Jiggery/Molasses and keep it aside. Soak puffed paddy in 1 cup water for about an hour.

Grind the rice, poha, watermelon pieces, jiggery, coconut and salt together. You don’t need to add water as the watermelon will leave out water. Let the batter ferment overnight. Add the turmeric powder and mix well.

Place a dosa griddle on medium flame with a little butter on it. When it melts spread the batter on it to a medium thick consistency.

Do not spread the batter in circle. It should be a thick dosa, let the batter flow on its own. Drop a few cashew nut pieces on top of the dosa, drizzle oil on all sides and on top.

Close it with a lid for a while. Let it cook on medium flame on only one side. Just open the lid and it is done. This dosa is full of holes.

The traditional surnolis are not turned over, leaving the upper side softly steam cooked. Serve hot with butter, pure ghee or chutney.

Tips: This dosa has to be fried on only one side, so there is no need to flip it over. Once you pour the batter on hot tawa, does not use ladle to spread the batter, it should be thick like a set dosa. If watermelon or cucumber is not available, use more coconut.


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