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Posts Tagged ‘street food’

Pav Bhaji Recipe

Pav bhaji is most popular street food of Mumbai. A mixture of various vegetables are boiled, mashed and cooked with a spicy masala. It served with butter fried pav. I enjoy this street food, when I go to market with my choti bua (father’s sister). She likes to eat pav bhaji very much. Pav bhaji […]

Misal Pav

Maharashtra’s most popular breakfast dish is Misal Pav. It is one of famous street food of Mumbai. This recipe requires loads of oil, but you may indulge in such an off-diet food once in a while. It is a traditional Indian dish. It consists of spicy curry usually made of sprouts, mutter, chick peas and […]

Amritsari Fish

Fried fish prepared with lot of spices is a popular street food of Amritsar. This is a popular street food of northern India.  Amritsar Fish is a tasty spicy fish delicacy that is sure to get you drooling. This is a easy fried fish dish is a great appetizer or side dish to complement the […]

Chicken Egg Roll

Yesterday evening I ate chicken egg roll with my hubby. It was very tasty and yummy. It is a healthy snack than other street food. There are varieties of rolls like egg roll, chicken roll, egg – chicken roll, chicken tikka roll, combination of the above mentioned ingredients; even vegetarian roll like paneer roll is […]

Ghuguni chart(Yellow Chichpea chart)

This recipe is high fiber-rich, meatless, and low-sodium meal is delicious with Bada, Gulgula or as chart. This is one of street food of West Bengal and Orissa Ingredients: 2 cups dried yellow peas 1/4 tsp baking soda 2 tsp ginger paste 2 tsp garlic paste 1 chopped onion 2 chopped tomato 1 tsp turmeric […]

Pani Puri

Crisp semolina puris filled with sprouts and chilled mint flavoured water. make a great snack for a hot summer afternoon is call panipuri.It is one of special Indian street food snack recipes. Popular all over the country. It is known by different names based on the region – Gol Gappa (East India), Pani Puri (West […]