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Kheer Mohan is a simple recipe. During Shibaratri I make it as Prasad or naibedya. Soft cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits, Kheer Mohan is a delectable dessert. Kheer Mohan can be considered the gem of the Indian cuisine. Ingredients: 2 cups Paneer ½ cup khoya ½ cup mixed nuts, crushed (almonds, pistachio, cashews and […]

Rashabali Sweet

Rashabali is a sweet oriya dish made of milk. Paneer is made into balls, lightly flattened and deep fried till golden brown. Then soaked in creamy milk. It is an authentic Oriya recipe and also among the Mahaprasad of   Lord Jagannth Temple, Puri as well as used as Prasad in every Puja or festival. Rashabali […]