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Banana Shake Drink

A banana milkshake is a healthy drink and it is easy to make. This can make/use in any seasons. Ingredients: 2 bananas 1 cup of milk 2 tbsp coconut extract 2 tbsp Sugar Vanilla ice cream 4/5 ice cubes 4/6 chopped almonds Methods: Peel and slice banana. Then put in a blender until smooth. Then […]

Aam Ka Panna

Aam ka panna is a delicious and spicy drink made with raw mangoes, pepper powder and sugar. It makes a wonderful mock tail to be served at parties as it can be made prior to the event, refrigerated and used when needed. Ingredients: Green mangoes 1 kilogram Roasted cumin powder 4 teaspoons Black salt 2 […]

Mango Shake

There’s nothing like a mango shake recipe to hit the spot after those afternoon walks or on hot days. A mango shake recipe is so refreshing and delicious to drink. It is a simple drinks/smoothie recipe for summer season. Mango Shake is a very popular drink recipe In India It is one of street food […]

Oriya Lassi

Lassi is famous and healthy drink in all over India. There are different types of lassi. Such as Plane lassi, salted lassi, mint lassi, bhang lassi, mango lassi, strawberry lassi. In north India lassi is a common drink with makkei ki roti and sarso ka saag in everyday life. Lassi is made from Yogurt or […]

Guava & Lime Cocktail

This is a festive drink, but it can be omitted. Make this recipe just before serving. Ingredients 7 cups guava juice 3 cups soda water (white) 2/3 cup fresh lime juice Crushed ice, to serve Lime slices or wedges, or fresh guava slices for garnishing Preparation In a large pitcher, mix guava juice, lime juice, […]