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Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri pulao is an extremely prominent traditional Kashmiri rice dish prepared with lots of dry fruits,

nuts and fresh fruits. It is an immaculate dish forgets together and new year’s eve. It is little is sweet-

smelling, gentle and sweet. Its saffron smell is brain blowing. Kashmiri pulao is an acclaimed pulao dish in restaurants.


Basmati rice 2 cups

green chilli 2 slices

Green peas 1/2 cupKashmiri Pulao 1

Ginger garlic glue 2 tsp

Saffron few strands

Warm milk 2tbsp

Ghee 2tbsp

Oil 3 tbsp

Water 4 cup

Salt to taste

Whole spices:

Aniseed 1Ingredients

Cardamom 3

Cinnamon 2″ piece

Cloves 4-5

bay leaves 2
Dry fruits and nuts:

Almonds 15-20

Cashews 15

Pistachio 1/3 ccup

golden raisins 1/3 cup

Dark raisins 1/3 cup

10-12 walnuts (chpped)

For garnish:

fried onion 1/2 cup(optional)
fresh frouts:

Pineapple/apple 1/2 cup

Pomegranate seeds/grapes 1/2 cup


Absorb the saffron drain and keep aside. Wash and soak the basmati rice for 20 minutes, drain water & Keep aside.

Heat ghee in a skillet and gently toast the nuts one by one and include the raisins. Drain the nuts and dry

dry frouts in a platter then add the oil and cut onion, half moon shape.

Saute until they are golden brown. Drain on a paper towel. In the remaining ghee add oil. Add the

ginger garlic paste, green chillies and saute until the crude emanation vanishes.

Include the entire flavors and sear lightly. Add the emptied doused rice and defrosted peas.fry daintily

by tender blending. Include the saffron blended with milk blend and 4 mugs of water. Add salt as needed.

Cook secured on medium fire until done (about 10 minutes). Gently cushion with a fork to check

whether done and the dampness is totally consumed. Switch off fire and include cleaved pineapple, pomegranate seeds.

Trim with fricasseed onions, fried nuts and dry tree grown foods & is prepared to serve.

Tips: You can even include more vegetables like cleaved beans and carrots. It runs best with basic raita.

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