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Jackfruit Mysore Pak

JACKFRUIT is an easy crop to grow. It requires no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or even irrigation. All parts of the fruit, except the stalk, can be converted into food.

There are different types of recipes made from jackfruit lots of nutrition in jackfruit.

Both vegetarian and non vegetarian can eat this.


Ripe jackfruit:2 cup (Pods 12)

Gram flour: 1 cup

Sugar: 2 cups

Ghee: 2 cups

Milk powder ¼ cup


Grind jackfruit into pulp. Put all ingredients into a utensil and cook under low flame. Keep stirring.

Make one string of sugar syrup with the sugar and water; add the gram flour keep stirring and adding warm ghee from time to time

Once the mixture is half cooked, add the milk powder and cooked jack fruit.  Adding ghee until the mixture starts frothing and once the ghee rises, then turn onto a greased plate smoother the top and cut into pieces while still warm.

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