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Imarti Recipe

Imarti is an Indian dessert made by deep-frying urad  (dal) flour batter in a kind of pretzel or circular shape, then soaked in sugar syrup.  In North India it is often consumed with curd (dahi) for breakfast.


Split black gram skinless (urad dal) 1 cup

Rice 1/4 cup

Saffron colour 1 pinch

Sugar  5 cups

Green cardamom powder           1 teaspoon

oil For deep Fry

Edible orange red colour as required


Soak Urad daaland rice for 45 minutes. Wash and drain it and grind it into a fine batter. Whisk the batter with color to a soft, spongy mixture with a coarse texture. Note that the batter should not become too thin. Boil sugar with two and a half cups of water till syrup of single-thread consistency is reached.

Remove from heat and strain the syrup. Add saffron and green cardamom powder. Keep the syrup hot. Heat oil  in a shallow flat pan or jalebi kadai (special type of wok).

Pour batter in Imarti nozzle or imarti cloth, hold tightly and press the batter through the hole into the hot oil. For the traditional design, make a small circle around

which make another circle and over these two make scallops in anti-clockwise direction ending at the starting point. Make small batches and deep fry on both the sides till

crisp and light golden brown.At a time make not more than 2 to 3. Drain and Dip them in sugar syrup. Let them remain immersed till they have absorbed enough syrup.

Drain and place the imarti on a flat plate. Repeat this process till all the batter is used up. 

Garnish with some sliced pistachio nuts and serve.

Tips: Imarti is the big cousin of the ubiquitous jalebi, best made immediately after grinding.

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