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How to Make Khira Gaja Recipe in Odisha?

In India, Diwali is a very big festival. Specially in North India people celebrate this festival grandly. This festival is celebrating for five days. The first day is Dhanteras, the second day is Narak Chaturdashi, the third day is Diwali, the fourth day is Govardhan Puja and the last fifth day is Bhai Dooj.

The story is after 12 years of vanvas Lord Ram returns to his native place Ayodhya. In India, remember this day celebrate Diwali. Before two- or three-days people clean their houses, paint with color decorate with the light of lamps in their houses. Buy new things like clothes, jewelry, etc. How could it possible without sweets the Diwali will be celebrated?

I have made Gulab Jamun and Khira Gaja in this Diwali, bur here I am going to sharing with you how to make Khira Gaja. Khira Gaja is an authentic Odia sweet. My grandfather’s sweets shop is famous for Khira Gaja is our town. In my childhood days when my grandfather made this sweet, I was sitting beside him and used to learn to make this sweet.



One cup khoya

One cup all-purpose flour

Three tbsp ghee

one tsp fennel seeds (crushed little)

pinch of baking soda

oil for dip fry

water as need

For sugar syrup:

One cup Sugar

Half cup of water

one tsp cardamom powder


Fast we make the sugar syrup. For the syrup, fire on, put a kadhai or wide pan. Add sugar and water, then add cardamom powder in it. Be sure you will make one thread syrup.

Now sieve the flour. Add baking soda, ghee and grated khoya in it. Mix well in your fingers. Add little water and make a dough as roti or chapati dough.

Cover the dough with a cloth for fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes press the dough. Divide the dough into four parts. Then joint all the parts. Again, make roti with a rolling pin. Repeat this process four to five times so that some air bubbles store inside the dough. Now make the dough as a brick shape. Cut the dough in one-inch size.

Then put sufficient oil in a wide kadhai or pan. Put the gas flame in slow. Otherwise, it will burn. Put the cut piece dough in the oil. It will cook slowly. The bubble will come slowly from it. Fry both sides till it turns to deep brown color. Then collect all the Gajas from oil. In this process fried all the Gajas.

Heat up the sugar syrup again. Put the gajas in it. Cover the lid for few times. After that put the Gajas from sugar syrup on a plate and enjoy the Khira Gaja with your friends and relatives. You can store these any airtight container for a few days. On this festival of light, I pray that your happiness is multiplied and your sorrows divided. May this auspicious festival bring you and your family health, wealth and success. Happy Diwali!!!

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