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Cinderella Drink Recipes

Cinderella is a fruity non-alcoholic drink made of lemon, orange and pineapple juices with grenadine and ginger ale.

As holi and summer is nearing, it is important to know about what type of food is apt for the hot season. Fruit juices, salads and milkshakes are best for summer.

In this color festival people play with different type of color and eat gujia, sweet samosha, laddu and drink thandai, lassi etc. As Thandai and Lssi it also provides energy and a fresh feeling when relished.

It is one type of cocktail also. During birthday party, kitty party you can make it as a drink.


1 glass Orange juice

1 glass Pineapple juice

2 to 3 Tablespoon Sugar

3 Tablespoon Lemon juice

2 oz Ginger ale

Dash of grenadine

Pineapple and orange slices for garnish


Pour all the juices, Ginger ale, sugar and Ginger ale and grenadine into a blender with ice cubes. Blend well. Strain into a chilled Collins glass top with soda. Garnish with the slices of pineapple and/or orange. You can place a little paper umbrella for an extra finishing touch.

This drink is named Cinderella Drink because of its exquisite taste and nutritional value.

Happy Holi

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