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Kimami Sewai Recipe

Kimami is a sweet sewai recipe or vermicili recipe prepared on the occasion of Eid. Usually it prepared in every home in northern India on festivals. During the holy month of Ramjan when fasting is on, Iftar, variety of food is prepare to break the fast and kimami sewai is among the hot favourites. Due […]

Pahari Madra Recipe

Madra Recipe is a typical Himachal Pradesh’s recipe. The main thing in this recipe is when you add the yogurt. You have to stir continuously and do not allow the yogurt to curdle, otherwise it is very simple to make and tastes delicious. Ingredients: 2 cups chickpeas (soaked overnight and boiled) 1 tbsp aniseed 2 […]

Rajhistani Paapri Kari Recipe

Low in spending plan and hight in taste Rajistani paapri Curry is a brilliant solid formula. Curd made this formula wonderful and dilicious. It runs best with rice or chappaties. It is a customary formula of Rajstan.Rajasthani papad curry is famous to the point that you can discover it in any Rajasthani Hotel. Ingredients: Papads […]

Kamala Bhog

Kamala Bhog is simply by far the most delicious dessert is a traditional Bengali recipe. Ingredients: Paneer – 150 gm Plain flour (maida) for dusting  1 teaspoon Sugar 200 Gm Saffron Colour a pinch Raisen 2 tbs Milk 1/2 tsp Method: Knee the  Paneer. Add  flour and 1/2 tsp of milk. Mix pinch of saffron […]

Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri pulao is an extremely prominent traditional Kashmiri rice dish prepared with lots of dry fruits, nuts and fresh fruits. It is an immaculate dish forgets together and new year’s eve. It is little is sweet- smelling, gentle and sweet. Its saffron smell is brain blowing. Kashmiri pulao is an acclaimed pulao dish in restaurants. […]

Rajma Paneer Masala Recipe

In India rajma curry make in distinctive style. Our rumored gourmet specialists are attempting to ad lib our formula since years. This dish is genuinely simple to make. The fixings are effortlessly accessible at any Indian or Asian supermarket. Rajma Paneer masala is serving in some Mumbai restaurant. Ingredients: Boiled rajma 1 and 1/2 cup […]

Keema Matar Recipe

Keema matar is an excellent North Indian non veg recipe. Mincemeat (sheep) works best however you could utilize chicken or hamburger within its place. Lamb mince and green peas cooked with flavors makes this dish exceptionally delicious. Ingredients: Minced meat (keema) – 750 gm, washed and drained Green peas 1 cup Oil – 2 Tbsp […]

Lemon Bars Recipe

Lemon bars have a wonderful tangy flavor, and they’re always a hit for variety of color and shape. These classic lemon bar cookies feature a buttery shortbread crust and rich, fresh lemon filling. Ingredients: 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1/4 cup powdered sugar 1/4 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp salt Filling: 2 […]

Macher Chop Recipe

In India Bengali loves fish and they eat fish in various forms as per their mood. In a rainy evening when the rain drops they prepare macher chop. Macher chop is something which every Bengali household holds a patent on. They are traditionally deep fried. Ingredients: Bhetki fish fillet 250 gm Potatoes 2 large (boiled […]

Malai Chop Recipe

Malai chop is a traditional sweet recipe of Kolkata and Odisha. Some of sweets I had learned from my late grandfather. Malai chop was one of famous sweet of his in that time. Today in some particular old sweet shops are making this sweet. In this raksha bandhan try this sweet recipe. I think your […]