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2I am Pusparesu Sahoo, nickname Shibani. My qualification is B.A. (PGDCA).  I am married in 2008 and I am simply a housewife. In rest of time I read magazines, listen music and watch television. Cooking is my passion. I have two brothers and I am the eldest in my family. In childhood I helped my mother in kitchen. But I have not forgotten my real kitchen guru my grandfather. Unfortunately he passed away in a road accident in Dec. 2008. He was a great halwai in my home town.  I have learned various types of sweets and snacks from him.

In 2011 I have decided to teach you some of my own recipes, indian recipes as well as some continental recipes and the result is burn Shibani Kitchen. My main inspiration is the Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Finally I thanks to my husband, without him I could not built this website. In every time chef legends are use various techniques to make there recipes easier and more tasty. It cannot be endless and I think I will help you through Shibani Kitchen.